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Being an immigrant, I am no stranger to uncertainty. Coming to the US, every tomorrow came with its own set of uncertainties. Being the first in my family to attend college in this country was its own set of uncertainty. Unexpectedly moving from FL to MA in my last year of college was uncertain.

Uncertainty is a point that has been driven home even more with the global happenings of the past few years. 2020 brought a global pandemic and racial divisiveness in the US, 2021 brought the beginning of a recession on top of the aforementioned topics and 2022 brought a European war.

As a millennial, I find myself asking, when does this uncertainty end? If the pandemic has shown us anything is that bad things don't take turns, they all just pile on. As a result, we are the generations that have learned to roll with the punches. The increasing cost of education and it's resulting student loan debts. The increasing cost of everyday goods and the increasing cost of rent and mortgages that wipe out any pay increase. I think it's fair to say that we are a generation for the history books. Let's just do our best and hang in there. Also, congratulations on getting up every day and doing what it takes to keep going. This life has been a lot of uncertainty.

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