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I’m fine

“I am better off healed, then I ever was unbroken”.

-Beth Moore

How many of us hide our pain behind the words "I'm fine"? At one point in life, you get so used to having to be strong, putting on a face becomes a part of you. Hiding the pain behind a smile because we’re afraid to break. Afraid of what others would think. Worse yet, we’re afraid for them to pity us. So, every day, we put on a smile, and to every “How are you?” We say, “I’m fine”.

So, I’m going to ask, how are you guys doing today? Really? I’ll answer first. I’ve been using the aforementioned phrase for so long, that, even though I know I’m lying, I don’t know how to be vulnerable enough to let someone in. I’m afraid to break because I feel as if I might not be able to put myself back together. But I’m slowly learning that it’s OK to break. It’s OK to NOT be OK. We’re humans! Sometimes, life deals us some heavy and unexpected blows. So, here’s me taking the first step. Today, I’m NOT fine. How about you? How are you today? Truly? Sound off in the comments!

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