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How can something feel both limitless and yet so finite? How can I wish for it to stop yet also wish for it to pass by quicker? Why is it when I want time to stop, it moves and I feel as if somehow, I have missed so much. But yet, when I want it to pass by faster, it seems to stop. Where has the time gone? But also, why is there so much left?

Life is short and unpredictable. None of us know how much time we are allotted in this life. In a way, it makes life precious and gives us a reason to make each moment count. But at the same time, that also comes with its own set of pressures

Pressures to make great memories. To strive for a better tomorrow. To accomplish bigger goals. And so many more. Then, that’s when it gets truly ironic. In this invisible race for a better tomorrow, oftentimes we forget to enjoy the present. Then, as the years go by, we look back and we wonder; we regret and we wish for the impossible, to reverse time.

To all the dreams I’ve put on hold, to the missed opportunities. To trying to figure everything out at once. To the dreams that I’ve fought for and accomplished. To taking it one day at a time. To the irony that is time itself. May we learn to live in the present while dreaming of better futures. May we celebrate the small wins and the big ones. May we just be!

Limitless, finite and unpredictable, like time....

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