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Juliet's Diary

In no way do I have life figured out, but I'm learning as I try to live mine to the fullest.

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Losing you hurts me in a way that I didn’t think was possible. I can’t breathe. My heart hurts. It’s even worse knowing that you didn’t go peacefully. That you suffered. And that kills me. It’s even worse knowing that I couldn’t be there to say goodbye. I couldn’t be there to say thank you. And that I won’t be there as you are laid to rest.

You were the strongest woman that I knew. A single mother of 6 kids, raising them in a third world country, with an elementary level education. But, through your hard work and determination, you put them all through school. You struggled, but you loved them more than you loved yourself.

I’m going to miss you, but I know this is what’s best for you. You didn’t deserve to be trapped in a shell, unable to move. Not when freedom meant so much to you. Thank you for all the big things you did. But, most of all, thank you for the small things that made me feel special, loved, and cared for no matter what.

My heart is broken now, but I will heal. I’ll be ok. Because I owe it to you to work hard and be the best version of me that I can be. You sacrificed too much for me to do anything else. Thank you for giving me the best of you. Rest In Peace. Till I see you again!

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I can’t count the amount of time I have said or have heard, I can’t do this. The tone differs, but the story behind remains the same. Looking around me, I ask myself, when did it become ok to speak defeat out loud? Especially now with the belief that we can speak things into existence. Shouldn’t we limit that theory to positive things? It’s easy to joke about giving up. Life has a tendency of knocking people down and sometimes, the hits keep coming faster than we can rise up. But, even in those situations, we must remember, words have power. If we get accustomed to saying I can’t do this, even jokingly, we might inadvertently start to actually believe that.

So, instead, get in the habit of saying, I can do this. Of pushing yourself no matter what and accomplishing things that push you to your limits. Things that make you realize that the only limit we have in this life is the one we set out for ourselves. Reach as far as you can, and then, reach for more. Because, with hard work and determination, no dream is too big to be achieved. Keep striving! Keep on believing! Keep on dreaming! Keep persevering! History was not written by those who gave up when the going got though, it was written by those who never said die.

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“First I was dying to finish high school and start college. And then I was dying to finish college and start working. And then I was dying to marry and have children. And then I was dying for my children to grow old enough for school so I could return to work. And then I was dying to retire. And now, I am dying... and suddenly I realize I forgot to live.”


Life can be painful. It throws challenges in our path that can make or break us. It’s ok to stumble, it’s ok to fall, its ok to break and shatter, but it’s never ok to give up. No matter what, no matter the number of times you fall, pick yourself back up again. It is not a race; it is a journey. Everyone has a story. Sometimes it’s sad, sometimes it’s happy, other times it’s tragic. If you're lucky, it's all of the above. Your life is your story. Everyday a chapter is being written. Every day is a new day. A new chance to write the story you want because or despite of yesterday.

The reality is, we live in a society that teaches us to look forward to the future. We are thought to always look forward. And it helps. When things get though financially, we look forward to the next paycheck. When things get though emotionally, we are told that the passage of time heals all wounds. And it’s true, time helps to numb the pain. But why haven’t we been taught to stop and be grateful for the present? Why are we not taught to stop and just be? The constant worrying about the future makes us forget to enjoy the present.

So, I don’t know who to give credits to for these beautifully written words above, but, I think, as a society, we need to do better and being present for each and every moment. Let's also remember to not only look forward to the future, but also enjoy the present!

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